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Who are We?

Elevate Academy of Technology & Innovation is a school that specialises in upskilling and reskilling individuals in the areas of emerging technologies and innovation. The academy was established in 2019 and is based in Kota Kinabalu, making it the first TVET school in Borneo to offer such programmes. Elevate is a Sabahan company that strives to equip individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Our Vission & Mission

Elevate’s mission is to accelerate digital transformation in the State of Sabah and Malaysia by putting growth at the heart of local talent, clients, and partners. We aim is to provide digital solutions to help small businesses thrive and connect, nurture digital skills by making education accessible to all, and lead digital-focused research and development in the aspiration to become one of the leading purpose-driven digital and education companies in Malaysia.

Full stack Software
Development program

Learn the fundamentals of front-end, back-end, servers, and database and more to be ready  for a successful career in software development.


Business is the activity of making living or making money by producing or buying selling products Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered profit.Business is the activity of making one living or making money by producing or buying selling products Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

Launch a career

To code is one thing. Becoming a developer is a whole other ball-game. The goal of bootcamp at Elevate is to take you from hobbyist to professional developer and be the launchpad for your career.

We’re a career-focused school. Our team will work with you throughout the program and after graduation to help you polish your portfolio and land a job that fits your needs and goals. We have specifically partnered with Malaysia Digital District to assist our graduates with remote and offshore job opportunities.

We have partnered and our graduates work with:

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Pay 50% of your tuition, and the remaining 50% is payable in monthly installments throughout the course.

Income Share Agreement

Finance your education through the income-based delayed tuition model.


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